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Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

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Our Bahamas vacation Hideaway:

   is situated in the seaside village of Treasure Cay on the island of Abaco. We have one of the "Top Ten Beaches" per National Geographic. It is in the perfect place to just relax, and enjoy the sun, sand, people and  gin clear waters.  You will find yourself loosing track of time. No Problem Mon. It is an immaculate one bedroom condo. (see pictures).

Vacations in the Bahamas

Tropical Islands, Beauty, Romance, and Exploration

It is time, time to get away and get warm, tan and have an adventure - time for vacations in the Bahamas. There, amongst the islands of the archipelago, you can find anything you want, from a lazy day on the beach listening to the tide roll in and out to a diving adventure and seeing hundreds of bright and beautiful fish. It doesn't matter if you are from the rolling hills of Ireland or the corn fields of Kansas, the warmth of Sicily or the cold of St. Petersburg, the islands of the Bahamas can restore your senses, awaken your pirate and adventurous soul.

Cosmopolitan Vacations in the Bahamas

Maybe you want a mix of the warm sand and brilliant blue where the Caribbean meets the larger warm Atlantic along with the shopping, international food, and nightlife. The best choice is probably Nassau, the capital city, found on New Providence Island, but joins with bright bridges to New Paradise Island. The day life can be spent on the beach or enjoying jet skiing through the warm waters or shopping among the international boutiques. The night life will include native foods or other intriguing flavors, and then there are the clubs and dancing the night away.

Ecological Vacations in the Bahamas

The natural world calls to us, the primal part of us, and it also reminds us of the larger world and how we fit into it with plants and animals. The Bahamas offer up a great diversity of life - in traveling from the ocean to the tropical forests, you'll meet unique birds and marine life, and see dark green or bright flora and fauna. The distinctive geography of the islands provides beautiful waterfalls and extraordinary limestone caves. Kayaks and glass bottom boats let you tour the coastline and get in close to the pulsating vivid marine and avian life of the islands. The wild mammals from the fruit bat to the dolphin are native to the islands, the wild diversity of the islands will excite you. There are also many opportunities to actually swim with and interact with the native dolphins and sea lions and turtles. To learn more about the species of the islands, there are even groups who offer the opportunity to personally meet the sea species of the Bahamas.

Fishing Vacations in the Bahamas

The waters of the Bahamas are among the most diverse in the world, teeming with hundreds of fish. You can go out into the deep waters looking for shark and swordfish, or you can explore the more shallow waters with light line rods, reels, and tackle to bring in Grouper, Snapper, or Yellowtail - among the many species. Or perhaps you want to have an experience like no other and go bonefishing in the light saltwater cays, shoals, and mud flaps. The fast, quick, and quirky bonefish is a challenge for any fly fisherman in the world, and you can only truly challenge yourself in the Bahamas

Boating Vacations in the Bahamas

The waters of the Bahamas are amongst the most exceptional in the world. You can sail or cruise the open sea, kayak, or raft the inland waters and the shallow shoals. There are glass bottom boats to see the multitude of vibrant sea life as well, which are always a good time. There are many ways, from the relaxing sail to the speed of the jet ski, to indulge in the crystal water of the islands. The deep blue will lead you to further adventure as you go off the side to either snorkel or scuba dive to see the great beauty of the local fish, the great limestone cliffs and underwater falls. Diving in, you can see the past in old shipwrecks or the diverse life from the dolphin to the manta to the clownfish. However you want to explore the beauty of the Bahamian waters, above or below, there is an opportunity to experience it.

Historic Vacations in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are home to many monuments, ruins, and shipwrecks that display the history of the islands, the exploration and discovery of the Americas and conquest of the "New World." The history of the islands also includes the adventurous and fleeting days of high sea piracy and the smuggling of freed slaves and rum. The Bahamas are rich with distinctive history, and blended with the history of exploration and navigation of the broad wide world makes everything here easy to learn and fun to explore.

Vacations in the Bahamas' Romance, Adventure and Exploration.

Whether it is for a honeymoon or just a casual getaway to forget the world for a while, the wandering of the beaches hand in hand, the meals under the stars or a family adventure exploring history and ecology, vacations in the Bahamas have everything. Explore what you can do on your vacations in the Bahamas today and experience the time of your life from the moment you step foot into this beautiful country.


$790.00usd/week (additional nights $100.00usd)
$145.00usd/night - minimum 4 nights
Special rates for long term stay

$55.00 one time charge for cleaning staff

Required Deposit: 1/2 the rental fee due 7 days from reservation being made

Terms and conditions:
When we receive a request for a rental period, the reservation is held for seven days pending receipt of the required deposit. Holding the reservation entails a call to the Bahamas to notify my agent in the islands of a potential rental and also to indicate to any other interested party that a rental is pending. The rental will be confirmed by return email or phone call upon receipt of the deposit. We require the balance of the rental cost to be paid 60 days prior to the rental period. All deposits become nonrefundable 30 days before date of reservation. 

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